Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ASEAN Digital Literacy Programme (ASEAN DLP)?

The ASEAN Foundation, with the support of, implements the ASEAN Digital Literacy Programme from 2022 to 2024. This programme aims to promote greater media literacy in the ASEAN region in order to fight against online disinformation and misinformation in a way to increase the awareness of the online safety to beneficiaries in the region such as youth, teachers, parents, elderlies, community leaders and government officials in collaboration with local working partners.

What’s ASEAN DLP Key Activities?

The ASEAN DLP has been working to deliver five key activities which include capacity building (Training for Trainers or ToT and end-beneficiaries training), ASEAN Youth Advisory Group, awareness raising campaign, research development on digital literacy in the regional scope, and developing the e-learning platform.

How can I join ASEAN DLP Activities?

Stay tuned on ASEAN Foundation’s social media channel to get information related to the ASEAN Digital Literacy Programme. You also can contact us and send your inquiries to

Why did the ASEAN Foundation make DigitalClassASEAN?

DigitalClassASEAN is intended as a one-stop hub for ASEAN people to participate in immersive digital literacy courses and learn more about the programme’s impacts through success stories from our beneficiaries.The e-learning platform also aims to promote ASEAN identity and upskill the digital literacy knowledge for the ASEAN citizen. DigitalClassASEAN is accessible in ten ASEAN languages.

What will you get from DigitalClassASEAN?

DigitalClassASEAN offers five learning modules related to digital literacy and digital safety topics. In every chapter, you need to finish all learning materials (the deck and training video) and do the assessment then get the batch. Collect all the five batches and you can download the certificate of completion.

I’m an expert in digital literacy. Can I share my knowledge by contributing to DigitalClassASEAN?

Yes, we welcome all experts,digital literacy specialists (CSO,youth,educators,researchers) and everyone who wants to share their knowledge, experience and best practices on digital literacy as contributors to write an article related to digital literacy and digital safety topics.

When signing up, I need to submit some personal data information. What will the data be used for? Will my data be safe?

Your personal data information is safe with us. The data will be used and managed by the ASEAN Foundation as a part of our beneficiaries database with our data protection policy for internal purposes only.